Snoop Avoids Prison Time, Pleads No Contest To Weapons Charges

ImageRap star Snoop Dogg entered into a no contest plea today (Apr. 11) in order to avoid serving time in prison.

The rapper was officially charged yesterday (Apr. 10) with gun and drug possession as a result of a run in with police at the Bob Hope Airport in October of 2006.

Snoop was arrested after police noticed his vehicle parked in a passenger pick up zone. A search of the car yielded a substantial amout of marijuana.

The rapper was accused of transporting marijuana and a search of Snoop Dogg's home turned up a gun, resulting in the rapper being charged with possession of a firearm.

The rapper faced up to four years in prison if the case had gone to trial.

"Snoop accepts full responsibility for these matters," said his attorney Donald Etra in a statement. "He understands that, while he has every reason to seek security and protection, he cannot have a gun in his own vehicle, and he must only employ licensed security personnel. By the same token, although Snoop possesses a medical marijuana certificate, he recognizes, he cannot possess more marijuana than permitted by that law," explained Etra.

Although he was able to avoid prison time, Snoop will be required to perform 800 hours of community service and faces five years formal probation.

The judge stated that 400 of those hours could involve Snoop's popular youth football league.

"Snoop appreciates the courtesy and cooperation extended to him by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, which was very helpful in resolving these matters," Etra said in a statement.

The no contest plea ends one case, but the rapper still has a court appearance next month to answer charges stemming from a Sept. incident at John Wayne Airport.

Police claim the rapper had a collapsible police baton in his laptop bag as he attempted to pass through a security check point on Sept. 27.

A hearing will be held in May related to those charges.

Snoop Dogg's recent UK tour with Sean "Diddy" Combs was canceled because the rapper was banned from the country, after a fight erupted at London’s Heathrow Airport involving Snoop and his entourage and airport security.

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