New Grafh Album Coming This Summer

 Black Hand Entertainment rapper Grafh will give fans something to enjoy this summer with the arrival of his long-awaited new album Autografh.

The release, which is described as Grafh’s story, will showcase some of the newest upcoming producers, while offering a different glimpse at the rapper.

"I restructured this album,” Grafh revealed. “It's a little personal and I wanted to introduce new producers to showcase new hot music, new hot lyrics, and some introspective content."

Those who can’t wait for Autografh can preview a few songs from the album, which are available to download for free for a limited time.

The move marks a way for listeners to confirm their decision to purchase the Black Hand Entertainment release, according to the label’s CEO, Chaz Williams.

"We are in a new climate in the music business. It's a highly competitive environment, with a new web savvy consumer. They want to know what they're getting for their money,” Williams stated. “They are no longer being hoodwinked and rushing to the stores simply because they hear the one record playing at radio. We want to make the inevitable downloading of music work in our favor to build an affinity for the artist and his music. Traditionally, major labels have allotments of free goods at retail. We are providing that by making limited downloads available early."

Capitalizing on positive early reviews and the buzz generated by the album’s lead single, "Glo in the Dark," Grafh will hit radio stations and stores for a promotional run in the Northeast.

The trek, which kicks off in New England, will later make its down the East coast and into the South.

Autografh is scheduled to hit stores on July 24.

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