The Game Releases New Diss Track Aimed At Vida Guerra

ImageThe Game's recently premiered a diss record aimed at video vixen Vida Guerra on Los Angeles' Power 106.

Guerra and the Game have been feuding since the Compton bred rapper called her out on his single "Wouldn't Get Far." The former Aftermath lyricist claimed to have had a sexual encounter with the infamous model. Guerra would deny his claims and release a record taking shots at the rapper.

On his retaliatory track, titled "Vida (They Love It)," Game spits: "Two finger fucked Vida like a virgin / two finger splits had her swerving like me in a Rolls Royce liquored up behind curtains / I never fuck with bitches that would me turn down/ just like I never fuck bitches that would burn me, wow".

Guerra isn't the only one feeling the heat from Game's lyrical jabs. Earlier this week, Game reignited his beef with G-Unit by releasing a diss song titled "Body Bags." The song was sparked by allegations that Tony Yayo assaulted 14-year-old James Rosemond, the son of Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond.

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