Diddy Clears Up Danity Kane Pregnancy Rumors, Aubrey "Was Playing With Y'all"

 On return from his European tour with Snoop Dogg, Diddy dialed up Hot 97 morning show host Miss Jones to set the record straight about Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day being pregnant.

In recent weeks, a number of media outlets have speculated that Aubrey is pregnant and that Diddy is the father of the child. Internet pictures of O'Day, along with fellow Danity Kane member D.Woods, shopping for pregnancy tests and baby items only added fuel to the story; however according to the Bad Boy mogul those pictures were a joke on the gullible public.

"She was playing around with y'all," Diddy told Jonesie, "That girl ain't even pregnant. I don't get down like that. I love you, thanks for welcoming me back to New York City."

Diddy said he was surprised to return from the European tour which he co-headlined with Snoop Dogg, only to learn that the radio was spreading rumors that he had impregnated his artist.

"You telling these people these crazing things in the morning? They can't believe what y'all say," Diddy said. "Check this out, she's not pregnant, I've never dealt with that girl, I never even looked at her for more than ten minutes... I just called to let you know you can move onto somebody else's stuff."

Diddy also took a moment to promote the MTV shows he's producing, "Taquita and Kaui," which is a spinoff of "Making the Band 3" featuring Danity Kane hopefuls that didn't make the cut, as well as "Run's House." "Making the Band 4" is currently in production.

Diddy and Snoop's tour was not without it's own share of drama. The hip-hop icons were forced to cancel the British leg of the tour after Snoop was denied a visa necessary to enter the country.

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