50 Cent Puts Young Buck In His Place, "I Hold Him In The Same Space That I Held Game In"

ImageYoung Buck's efforts to bury the hatchet with G-Unit nemesis The Game, did not sit well with his boss 50 Cent.

During an interview with Miss Jones' Hot 97 radio show this morning (April 4), 50 addressed his feelings towards Buck when he was queried about his Southern affiliate's attempts to make peace with Game.

Buck and Game, who had lyrically attacked each other since Game's departure from G-Unit in 2005, squashed their feud after bumping into one another in Las Vegas last month. The truce would then be broken yesterday (April 3) when Game released a track aimed at Buck and G-Unit for an alleged assault on 14- year-old James Rosemond by G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo. James is the son of Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond.

"If you listened to the Angie Martinez show when Young Buck was on there, he made references to himself as being his own man and making his own decisions, and trying to make friends with people that I have issues with,"explained 50. "I hold him in the same space that I held Game in...now since then, Game has released a record and dissed him again. That right there just shows you."

"It doesn't say me and Buck got beef," the G-Unit honcho emphasized. "He's in the same space. He's in the same boat from having the same actions."

When asked if he would appear on any of Buck's upcoming songs 50 replied, "you should expect to not hear me on none of [G-Unit's] stuff. You should expect them to create their own projects and their own careers at this point. I made sacrifices for 50 Cent on the creative in order to help set them up. [Listen To The Interview Here ]

Young Buck's sophomore album, Buck The World, hit stores last week. The album, which features appearances from 50 Cent, 8Ball & MJG, T.I. and Young Jeezy, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

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