Ice Cube Set To "Tackle" New Role, Stars In Upcoming Football Flick

ImageActor/rapper Ice Cube is set to star as a football player in the new family friendly film Tough Love.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie, which is inspired by the real life of former New England Patriots defensive back Tebucky Jones, centers around an NFL player who realizes that his children have become "spoiled brats" and decides to have them spend their summer in the less than serene streets of Oakland, Ca where the player grew up. In addition to having an acting role in the film, Ice Cube will also serve as producer for the project.

The movie will be directed by Thomas Carter (Coach Carter) for Dimension films.

Keeping busy with the big screen, Ice Cube also recently signed a deal with Screen Gems to both act and co-produce the comedy film First Sunday. Centering around two men who failingly attempt to rob a church, the film will be released to coincide with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. First Sunday will begin production on May 14 in Los Angeles and Baltimore.

Along with developing a film adaptation of the 1970's TV show "Welcome Back, Koter", Cube has also recently signed a deal to produce a reality show for the A&E network entitled "Good In The Hood." The show will shine light on former criminals as they try to inspire others to take a positive approach to life.

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