Rep Denies Suge Knight Evicted From Luxury Condo

 Representatives for Death Row Records’ Suge Knight have shot down reports that the mogul had been evicted from his luxury condominium last Friday [March 23].

"Suge Knight was not evicted from his Wilshire condominium,” Suge Knight’s publicist Jonathan Wolfson said. “I don't understand how his move could have been misunderstood as an eviction. He is currently living at an undisclosed location in Malibu."

At the time of Suge Knight’s move, witnesses observed several police cars and a detective on the scene to enforce the supposed eviction.

The move comes a couple of weeks after Suge Knight told the New York Post of his newly found interest in religion.

Suge Knight’s new lease on life came after his second visit to City of Refuge Church near Compton, CA as, well as from a conversation with preachers Noel Jones and T.D. Jakes.

"They talked about the same thing, and it felt like they were talking straight to me,” Knight said. “I don't want to be tied up with this for years. I want to move on with my life in a more positive direction."

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