Diplomats Sued, Arthur Ash Sneak, Illadelph Records Murder Update

 The Diplomats, Roc-A-Fella Records, Island Def Jam Music Group and Universal Music Group have been sued by music publisher Jamie Music Publishing. Jamie claims The Diplomats song “I’m Ready” from 2003’s Diplomatic Immunity infringes upon Barbara Mason’s hit “Yes I’m Ready.” Jamie Music Publishing owns the rights to the song, which was first released on famed Philadelphia soul label, Artic in 1965.

Run Athletics has teamed up with Phat Farm and designer Kevin Saer to release a new line of sneakers, dedicated to greats in the African American community. The “Legacy Collection” hits stores in Feb. 2006 along with a shoe dedicated to the late tennis legend, Arthur Ashe. Ashe was diagnosed with AIDS after receiving a blood transfusion He died in 1993 at the age of 49. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to help address issues of inadequate health care delivery to minors, as well as the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, which was founded by Ashe shortly before his untimely demise. The sneakers are timed to hit stores in during Black History Month.

Jared Heller, the 35-year-old founder of Philadelphia’s Illadelph Records, was freed from a prison in Denmark, after officials decided there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with murder. Heller had been jailed since April for the murder of a taxi cab driver in Copenhagan. Reports stated Heller testified he only helped cut and dispose the body of the cabbie and that the murder was actually committed by Ahmed Numan Isaac Rahma, whom Interpol police said is known as “The Jaguar.” Heller was associated with Danish Hip-Hop band The Loft.

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