Beanie Sigel Got Jay-Z's Back, "I Hear A Lot of Shots Being Popped; I'm Here - Hit Man for Hire"

 Beanie Sigel recently confirmed to Hot 97's DJ Absolut that he is still on Rocafella Records and is currently working on his fourth solo album for the label titled The Solution.

Discounting earlier reports that he had left Rocafella, the Philly bred lyricist discussed about his anticipated return and fired warning shots to rappers throwing jabs at Jay-Z.

"I'm working on the album in New York, back home in Baseline Studios doing it," Sigel divulged. "I'm the Solution, I'm hear to clear it up, put things back in proper perspective. You can expect that at Rocafella, I'm coming. I took a little vacation to just chill, just to watch things, see what's going on. A lot of people are getting besides themselves."

When asked to reveal what "people," Sigel replied: "We ain't gonna get into all that. I know what the streets wanna know but I ain't dry snitching. I ain't gonna do that. I ain't gonna wake up the dead. When the album drop, I'mma wake 'em up. They gotta pay for this one."

Sigel would then reveal that he will be working with Just Blaze and Jay-Z on the album. He refused to give further details about the project and signed off with words of warning to Hov's rivals.

"I ain't getting into all that right now, it's too early," Beans explained. "I gotta tap up a couple of people. Like I said, a lot of people are getting besides themselves. I guess they ain't know where the Broadstreet Bully stood at. I hear a lot of shots being popped at Big Homey; I'm here to do what I do. Hit man for hire, here I come."

"That was cute though," he continued. What they were doing was cute. Don't get scared now, here I come."

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