Omillio Sparks Pleads With Jay-Z, "Don't Stop Me From Eating"

 After several months of attempting to have Jay-Z clear a sample for his single, "It Ain't My Fault," Omillio Sparks is putting the finishing touches on the song pleading for the God emcee to let him use the track.

Unlike the constant wave of Jay-Z diss records, Sparks' "Make It Do What It Do" isn't a bashing record. It simply demands that Hov let him use "It Ain't My Fault," a song featuring a Jay sample on its chorus. The cut has long leaked on mixtapes, but could end up being cut from Sparks' forthcoming CD, Payback, should Jay neglect to grant him permission.

"Don't stop me from eating is what I'm trying to say," Sparks said while in the studio recording the song. "I'm trying to handle myself as a business man, go through the proper channels. I ain't coming through reckless. I ain't bugging. I want you to hear the record, so you can say, 'he ain't bugging.'"

In addition to "It Ain't My Fault," Sparks is attempting to clear appearances from former State Property members Freeway, Peedi Peedi and Chris of Young Gunz.

"We can't even get through to get the clearance on their verses," Sparks vented.

The Philadelphia rapper is also pissed about the clearance because he wrote the hook for Jay's "Give It To Me" off 2000's Dynasty (Roc La Familia).

"Now, 'Give It To Me,' when you wanted that, I gave it to you. Fine, fuck it," Sparks explained, adding that he hasn't spoken to Hov since early 2006. "And then from then on I never asked him for shit. Even after the break up. I started my own company."

Jay-Z's reps weren't available for comment.

Omilio Sparks' Payback is slated to hit stores in May on Colossal Entertainment.

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