Consequence Talks Album Sales, Offers Fans Special Deal

 Following the Mar. 6 release of his solo debut Don't Quit Your Day Job, G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Consequence is issuing a challenge to those doubting the quality of his album: he is offering to issue a refund to anyone who doesn't find a song they like.

Consequence said those wishing to claim the refund can contact him via his MySpace page at for additional details.

Don't Quit Your Day Job debuted at #1 on Billboard's New Artist chart, but the album only sold 7,490 units its first week in stores.

"It ain't really about being cocky or confident,” Consequence said. “It's just that I believe. I grew up off Hip-Hop, so I know what I put out. I wouldn't even make a statement like that if I didn't really believe in my heart, that this album wasn't contrary to the statement 'Hip-Hop is Dead,' given my legacy of where I come from."

Consequence admitted that he may face an obstacle with a younger generation of Hip-Hop fans, who may not be familiar with his body of work, which started with appearances on A Tribe Called Quest's 1996 release Beats, Rhymes & Life.

“The kind Hip-Hop that I do now is the rarity,” Consequence said. "This project and the music that's on there and the type of Hip-Hop that it represents, means this much to me. Because if I let this die, then essentially, everything that I grew up on is dead, that's what you're trying to tell me. And I don't believe that.”

In addition to the widespread press surrounding his first week sales, Consequence believes that potential fans may be dismayed from purchasing the album because of it's low-profile arrival.

He attributes the lack of a large scale marketing campaign to his decision to release this project through Red Distribution, a Sony-BMG owned independent record distributor.

“I put the record out through the vehicle of Red because I was hoping that with all the things that I had done, I could come out 10,000 the first week,” Consequence said. “I came close. I didn't know when I was gonna have the option to utilize the promotional engine of Sony. And that's why I chose to go this route, because I felt it was that important to get the music out, to get the message out. A lot of people wouldn't even have gambled with their reputation like that.”

Up next for Consequence is the release of Don't Quit Your Day Job's second single, “Don't Forget 'Em,” which was produced by Kanye West.

Consequence is also planning the 20-day "Job Experienced Tour" in support of the album.

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