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ImageStop Snitchin - Stop Lyin is the most controversial DVD in hip hop history. Multi-platinum rapper The Game is in rare form giving the world an inside look at what really went down after leaving his popular "unit" and dropping "300 Bars," including the beginnings of the "G-UNot" movement. In "Stop Snitchin - Stop Lyin," The Game candidly talks about his rap career, personal life, ex-label mates, and exposes the truth about the fall out with his former crew with help from the Black Wall Street camp and numerous other celebrities.

There are no secrets kept inside this DVD, The Game exposes the whole truth and then some along his mission to hunt down "five-0" that takes him from Los Angeles through New York City (including a stop to the G-UNot billboard in Jamaica Queens), finally ending in Farmington, Connecticut outside of 50's house in a final show down between The Game against the unit you must see to believe!
Watch Game on his GU-Not campaign as he travels from Los Angeles to New York City to look for 50 "in the clubs," on the streets, and everywhere else (ending up in CT).

DVD features:
-Game's G-Unot Billboard in Queens, NY
-Tons of other hip hop figures speaking on the beef
-The whole truth about G-Unit
-The real NYPD "Hip Hop Cops"
-Searching for Oliver
-Farmington, Connecticut (50s crib)
-Game playing basketball in the Bronx
-The truth about Tony Gayo being locked up
-Plus much much more you have to see to believe
DVD Also Includes The Following Bonus Features:
-Entire footage of Game being wrongfully arrested and brutalized by the Police in North Carolina
-The Blair Snitch Project (Searching in 50's Woods in CT)

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