Pitbull Caught in the Middle of $9 Million Lawsuit

 A federal jury recently ordered TVT Records to pay $9.1 million to Miami based label Slip-N-Slide Records for blocking its release of Pitbull's earlier recorded material.

According to The Miami Herald, after an 11-day U.S. District Court trial, the jury ruled on Wednesday (March 16) that TVT Records must pay $2.3 million in compensatory damages and $6.8 million in punitive damages to Slip-N-Slide.

The lawsuit dates back to 2005 when Slip-N-Slide was getting ready to distribute Welcome To The 305, an album which featured tracks by Pitbull which he recorded in 2001. Two years after the recordings, Pitbull (born Armando Perez) signed with TVT , where his debut M.I.A.M.I (Money Is A Major Issue) went gold and launched him onto the national hip-hop scene.

Before Slip-N-Slide could issue Welcome To The 305, TVT sent letters to distributors saying the album was illegally recorded. TVT , label home to Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins , argued that Slip-N-Slide was trying to cash in on Pitbull's stardom that they largely financed and developed.

"The jury rejected all those claims," said Slip-N-Slide lawyer Richard C. Wolfe. "We own the album. We're going to tack $1 million to $2 million in legal fees onto this, too."

TVT attorney Brian Kaplan revealed that they will appeal the verdict.

"The jury was entirely dismissive of the facts we presented in this case," he explained. "The verdict is contrary to and unsupported by the evidence in the case, as well as being excessive.'"

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