Busta Rhymes Shoots Film In NJ, Despite NYPD Beef

ImageUndeterred by the New York Police Department's gripes that prevented him from participating in the production of a movie in NY earlier this week, Busta Rhymes wrapped up three days of filming in New Jersey yesterday (March 14).

As previously reported, Busta (born Trevor Smith), who is a cast member of the crime drama Order of Redemption, was not allowed to partake in the film's production in Manhattan after the police department raised public safety concerns.

Busta and the NYPD have been at odds due to his lack of cooperation in the investigation of the shooting death of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez early last year.

According to The Newark Star-Ledger, Busta shot scenes at the Riviera Hotel and on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Newark on Wednesday. The rapper plays a murderous villain who crosses paths with a once-prominent defense attorney, played by Tom Berenger, who is attempting to resume his career after struggling with drug addiction and a family tragedy.

Jason Webb, a producer of Order of Redemption, revealed Busta throws a baby out of a windo in one scene. "Busta Rhymes is an extremely talented actor, "explained Webb. "He is appreciative of us sticking with him."

Lupe Todd, a spokeswoman for Mayor Cory Booker, said the city of Newark had no problem with Busta shooting in their city.

"As far as we know, Busta Rhymes was acting accordingly and we thank him for his business," said Todd.

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