Foxy Brown Racks Up Over $4K In Traffic Tickets

 Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown shouldn't be driving in New York at all, but the unlicensed rapper has tallied up some 16 traffic violations over the past three years.

According to New York's Daily News, DMV officials say Fox Boogie (real name is Inga Marchand) owes New York State $4,780 in fines and surcharges, having drawn citations for running red lights, crossing lanes of traffic without a signal and operating without a license, inspection or insurance.

Officials at that Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) say Foxy has only a learner's permit in New York after her right to get a license was revoked for failing to answer traffic tickets.

"She has to answer all these different summonses before she's allowed to drive," DMV spokesman Ken Brown told the Daily News.

The New Jersey license that Foxy received in 2003 has been suspended since March '06 for failing to appear on a summons, New Jersey DMV officials said. Since that suspension, the rap bombshell has received three moving violations. Foxy was also charged with driving without a license in 2000 when she drove her Range Rover into a fence near Flatbush Avenue in downtown Brooklyn.

Brown is currently on three year's probation for a fight she had at the Chelsea Bloomie's nail salon in August of '04. More recently she received two misdemeanor charges for putting her hands on a beauty store owner in Florida last month.

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