Lil' Jon, Rhymefest Talk Collaboration, New Album

 Chicago rapper Rhymefest is hooking up with an unlikely source for his new album  El Che.

The lyricist has recruited "crunk specialist" and producer Lil' Jon to craft beats for the project, a move sparked by a recent meeting with fellow Chi-town representative Kanye West.

After considering possible producers for the task, Rhymefest found his answer from his manager Matt Middleton, who phoned the rapper about an appointment with Lil' Jon.

"It was cools as shit to work with him. We both went in to it not knowing what we would come out with," Lil' Jon said. "He played me some records and told me what he wanted and I banged the track out. And the rest is history. It's a merger of our two distinct styles that I think people are gonna be surprised by what they hear."

For Lil' Jon, the chance to work with Rhymefest proved to be exciting as well as productive, considering the musical vibes of both artists.

On his blog, Rhymefest said he played new songs for Kanye West, who offered his opinion for success.

"The key is going to be finding the musical selection that moves people," Rhymefest said.

"Not only has he spawned Hip-Hop's crunk movement, he's also shown his versatility and musicianship, as well as creating mega-R&B hits for Usher and many others," the rapper explained. "But now, this would be a test not only for myself but for Lil' Jon. Could he be as effective in making hits for Rhymefest?"

Rhymefest's questions were soon put to rest upon meeting Lil Jon and his entourage at the renowned beatmaker's home in Los Angeles.

"They welcomed with me with open arms and even claimed to be fans of my music," Rhymefest said. "When Lil' Jon entered the studio, we began to discuss what it was I was looking for and what I believed I could add to his catalog."

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