Webbie Addresses Murder and Violence at Shows in Chicago and Alabama

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Webbie has addressed allegations that stem from concerts in Chicago and Alabama that turned violent.

Addressing the events in his vlog series, A Savage Life Episode 1.1 F*#k No, Webbie denied any involvement in the incidents he was rumored to be involved in.

On a YouTube video that surfaced in late January, Vice Lords and Latin Kings in Chicago were seen pulling members of Webbie’s crew and entourage off the stage.

The night ended in an all out brawl

“Man they talking bout people beat me up man, they say they beat me up, can you believe that s**t man?” Webbie said of the incident in Chicago. “Man I got people in Chicago man, I got people in Chicago, South of Chicago, would you belive that? You think I’d be standing right here if that s**t happened? S**t…. and a lot of people wouldnt be standing where the f**k they standing if I that s**t happened. Ya heard me?

Amidst the melee Webbie can seen on video leaving with security at his side, as the rapper dodged punches from every direction.

In the Alabama incident, one man was found dead after an event, with a chest wound from a shotgun, where Webbie performed earlier that night.

Webbie was later questioned by authorities and released.

“Why everybody wanna hassle me? It ain’t got nothing to do with me. Either they gonna love me or hate me man, one or the other, good or bad. I don’t even know who that was man,” Webbie said in his vlog. “I just heard about that s**t. F**k no… Ni**as say man you got beef, I say f**k no… S**t the week before someone was talking about I was going to go to jail for a murder.”

“In Alabama, yea, it was somethin’ like that, but it wasn’t me. If that was me, if it had something to do with me, I wouldn”t be here. I’d be way in f***in Africa or some s**t like that, when that happen, but I ain’t got nothing to do with that, so it ain’t got nothing to do with me. I am living bro,” Webbie explained.

Webbie’s Savage Life 3 was released through Trill Entertainment and is in stores now nationwide.