Gillie Da Kid Shouts Out To 50 Cent "You got any of these young ni99as you need me to mop up for you

 Gillie Da Kid recently revealed in an exclusive clip that 50 Cent contacted him while he was being held in jail after a recent arrest.

Gillie (born Sar'd Nasir) was arrested along with five other people on February 6, after Philadelphia police and FBI officers found nearly half a million dollars worth of marijuana in two houses purportedly run by Gillie and his associates. The Philly bred rapper, who maintains his innocence, would be released on bail ten days later.

Gillie, who made headlines last year for his ongoing feud with--and claims of ghost-writing for--Cash Money's Lil' Wayne, divulged in the clip that various record labels have been courting him. He would then praise the G-Unit boss who is also rumored to be interested in signing him.

"Shout out to 50, a real nigga, he came and reached out to a nigga in jail," explained Gillie. "I fucks with real niggas, you a real nigga homie. You Suge Knighted the whole situation, reached out to me when I'm in jail at a low point. I don't give a fuck what a nigga got to say about you, you a real nigga."

He then added, "You got any of these young niggas you need me to mop up for you, it ain't about nothing, you hear me."

[Watch the Exclusive Gillie Da Kid Video]

Gillie recently signed a deal with Babygrande Records to release a "best of" mixtape series. The first edition, Who's Really Stuntin'?, will hit shelves on March 13th.

In related news, 50, who is engaged in a lyrical warfare with Cam'ron, fired back at the DipSet honcho on a Young Buck video titled "Hold On," which surfaced on he internet Friday (March 2).

At the end of the clip, 50 pokes fun at Cam's pink truck and claims the Harlem emcee has AIDS and not Irritable Bowel Syndrom.

"You taking about you got IBS, you got A-I-D-S, that's why they call you Killa," scoffs 50. "Fuck around and brush your teeth, your teeth bleeding, niggas drink behind you and have all kinds of shit. They show up 30 pounds lighter, taking about 'All I remember is I had a little bit of Cam Snapple.'"

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