Bobby Brown Remains In Jail, Ordered To Pay Thousands In Child Support

 A Massachusetts judge ordered that Bobby Brown be held in jail until he pays $19,000 in late child support payments and court fees.

As previously reported, Brown was arrested and jailed in Massachusetts on Sunday (February 25) for failing to make a court appearance and pay child support fines.

According to the Boston Globe, Brown's lawyer, Phaedra Parks revealed that she is working to get the money, but it's unlikely that it will happen before tomorrow morning.

"He's upset, but he's going to be fine," Parks stated. "Bobby's a big boy. No one wants to be locked up."

Brown is being held at the Norfolk County House of Correction while attorneys try to figure out whether he is financially capable of supporting the two teenaged children he fathered in the past with former girlfriend Kim Ward.

Brown has a history of missed child support payments, and was jailed in March 2004 for one day after missing several payments, which he later paid.

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