Texas Rapper Twisted Black Sentenced to 30 Years For Drug Trafficking

 Fort Worth, Texas rapper Twisted Black was sentenced to three concurrent 30-year federal prison terms in U.S. District Court yesterday (February 22).

Black (born Tommy Burns) was convicted of conspiracy to deliver and distribute cocaine last year. According to MyWest Texas, the rapper expressed regret to Judge Robert Junell before the sentence was imposed.

"I apologize for taking up the court's time," Black told the judge. "My past is not a pretty one because I committed crimes up until I became a father in 1993. But there weren't any after that and I ask the court to take that into consideration."

Judge Junell, who heard objections from the rapper's lawyers, ruled Black did not have a supervisory role in a conspiracy with several Midlanders between February and June 2005, but found that the defendant did try to obstruct justice by threatening witnesses and that narcotics investigators with the Midland Police Department proved he was involved in the sale of 1,022 grams of cocaine.

Junell also said Black was charged and/or convicted between 1989 and 1994 for offenses including two counts of assaulting policemen, two counts of attempted murder, unlawfully carrying weapons, driving while intoxicated, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and assault entailing serious injury, for which he served three years in state prison after his probation was revoked.

"Mr. Burns has a vigorous criminal history," the judge said.

Black, who had signed to indie label TVT Records before his arrest last year, recently said he will be releasing his album, Street Fame, on March 6. He will also release a DVD entitled The Rise Of Twisted Black on the same day.

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