Busta Rhymes Arrested For Driving With Suspended License

ImageRapper Busta Rhymes was charged with driving with a suspended license in Manhattan yesterday (Feb. 22) morning.

Police stopped the rapper for allegedly running a red light around 5:30 am this morning and took him into custody.

Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, was charged with driving with a suspended license.

If convicted, Busta Rhymes could face up to 15 days in jail.

The infraction is the latest legal issue for Rhymes, who is also facing two assault charges.

On Feb. 20, Rhymes rejected a plea bargain from prosecutors, who offered Rhymes six months in jail for allegedly assaulting his former driver in Dec. of 2006 and a fan in Aug. of 2006.

The rapper is currently considering pleading to the lesser charges of third-degree misdemeanor assault,

If he accepts the offer, Rhymes would be required to serve five days of community service, two weeks of youth lectures and
six months of anger management classes.

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