M.O.P. Drafted For NBA Theme Song, Sizzurp Campaign

 M.O.P. has recently reached a deal with CBS Sports to license their latest single to basketball games.

CBS will use the song as a soundtrack to their basketball games, including New York Knicks broadcasts. In addition, the Mash Out Posse have become spokesmen for Sizzurp, a purple liquor originally popularized by Dipset. A video for "7:30," which features Sizzurp placement, is presently being edited to fit MTV regulations. It's slated to premiere on the network March 1.

Sizzurp was bought by Straight Up Brands, Inc. in 2006. Straight Up Brands also owns Lil' Flip's Lucky Nites liquor, DJ Clue's Storm Vodka and Ja Rule's MoMo Mojito among others.

After signing to G-Unit nearly two years ago, M.O.P. is slated to drop their new album under the imprint in May 2007.

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