Prosecutors Call Busta 'Violent Predicate Felon,' Rapper Rejects Plea Deal

ImageBusta Rhymes rejected a plea bargain offered by prosecutors today (Feb. 20) in Manhattan Criminal Court.

The rapper, who is facing two assault charges, is accused of kicking and punching former driver Edward Hatchett in a dispute over back pay on Dec. 26, 2006.

He's also accused of assaulting 19-year-old Robert Lebron, a fan who allegedly spit on the rapper's Maybach, after an Aug 12, 2006 concert on Randall's Island.

Prosecutors, who labeled the animated rapper a "violent predicate felon," offered Rhymes six months in jail for the two assault charges, which he rejected.

According to reports, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Tanya Kennedy said Rhymes could plead guilty to third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

If Rhymes accepts Judge Kennedy's offer, the rapper would be required to serve five days of community service, two weeks of youth lectures and six months of anger management classes.

Once successfully completing the terms of the sentencing, all charges against Rhymes, 34, will be dismissed. If the rapper violates his probation, he could be sent to prison for a year.

Police are still attempting to question Busta Rhymes about the Feb. 2006 shooting death of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez.

Ramirez was shot and killed on set of Rhymes' "Touch It (Remix) video shoot. Police believe an argument between G-Unit's Tony Yayo and Ruff Ryders' Swizz Beatz sparked the deadly shooting.

Police believe Rhymes may have witnessed the shooting and has refused to cooperate. Tony Yayo also refused to submit to questioning until he is charged with a crime.

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