Imprisoned Rapper Twisted Black Talks "Cocaine Rap"

 Fort Worth, Texas rapper Twisted Black recently spoke from his prison cell about his upcoming album, his real life dealings in the drug game and why rappers need to watch their mouths.

Twisted Black (born Tommy Burns) was convicted of conspiracy to deliver and distribute cocaine last year. Because it was the rapper's third strike, he faces a possible life sentence. Black started his professional music career in '95 with the release of the independent record Look What The Streets Made. While awaiting sentencing which will take place on February 22, Black explained that rappers who glorify the drug-dealing lifestyle should consider watching their words and putting more substance in their lyrics.

"[Rappers] should watch what they say [on records]," he explains. "You could end up in a situation like I'm in. While some people are just telling you what their life is, you can try to entertain without getting caught up. A lot of new cats are coming out with the 'cocaine rap' and staying on the same subject. There's no entertainment. We all heard the story of the block. There's got to be some talent in there too. There can only be one [Young] Jeezy."

Shortly before the rapper was arrested in July of last year, he signed with indie label TVT Records who will release his album, Street Fame, on March 6. Ready to release his latest project, which features production from longtime T.I. collaborator DJ Toomp, among others, Black explained that his incarceration has been both a gift and a curse when it comes to his career.

"It's rough because I can't do anything from here," he explains. "I think it will finally make people aware of me, who have been hearing so much about me on the underground level, and get them ready for other projects. I think it will help because sometimes negative publicity, people who've heard about my situation and my downfall, equals good publicity. So I think if the label pushes it the right way, it'll be a plus."

The rapper is also set to release a DVD entitled The Rise Of Twisted Black on the same day as his album through his own Scarred For Life imprint. Black hopes the DVD will shed some light on his situation and offer some encouragement to others.

"[Fans] will know the story. It'll motivate them to watch their step and they'll be entertained," he says. "Just keep pushing with whatever it is you're trying to do. That hard work pays off."

Street Fame hits stores on March 6 on TVT records.

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