Bun B. Sells Out Museum of Fine Arts During Film Screening

 Houston, Texas rapper Bun B. of UGK was honored during the "Movie's Houstonians Love" film series at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston on Feb. 13.

The Museum, which presents the series annually, invites four popular Houstonian's to showcase and discuss their favorite movies to the viewing public.

Bun B. chose to screen Henry Chalfont's 1983 classic, Style Wars.

"I do believe its a validation for the Hip-Hop community as a whole, but specifically for Houston Hip-Hop," Bun B. told local Fox 26. "For us to be asked by the Museum here in town, acknowledges the efforts we are making. This is not an opportunity that I take lightly. Being the first in anything, it's either an opening of the door or closing of the door. "

Former hosts of the "Movie's Houstonians Love" film series include former First Lady Barbara Bush, Mayor Bill White, Larry Dierker of the Houston Astros and film maker Robert Rodriguez.

Bun B. explained that the event was a cultural exchange, exposing some in the audience to art and others to Hip-Hop music.

"We want to broaden the audience, we want more people to discover the Museum and what we have here," added Museum curator Marian Luntz.

Bun B.'s showing of Style Wars was a sold-out success, making it the first time an artist has sold out the museum during the "Movie Houstonians Love" film series.

"I wouldn't take all the credit for that, the love for Hip-Hop spreads a lot farther than people think," Bun B. said.

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