Lil Wayne Collaborating with Bollywood Artist Himesh Reshammiya

Lil Wayne is reinventing himself again and establishing his world wide brand, through a new collaboration with Bollywood star Himesh Reshammiya.

“Yes, Lil Wayne and I are collaboration,” Himesh told “He has already recorded a remix track with Romanian musician Edward Maya.”

Himlesh is seeking to break into the music scene in the U.S. with “Come To Me Now,” a duet to be released next year.

While the unlikely pair are working dilligently on the song, Himesh assured fans that the track will be available via Himesh’s new album @ Da Edge and as a single in the U.S. for Lil Wayne fans.

Unbeknownst to many hip-hop fans, at one point Himesh Reshammiya said that he would only sing and compose in films that featured him as an actor.

As a musical director, actor, composer, and singer Himesh, has been featured in thousands of Bollywood titles, making him one of the most famous artists in India.