Murder Inc Trial Brief/Day 2: Prosecution Witness Provides Comic Relief, While 50 Cent Shooting Rais

 Day two of the Murder Inc money laundering trial began as the Donell Nichols show, but that all changed when 50 Cent's name was uttered.

After their attorneys spent hours destroying Nichols' credibility, Irving and Chris Lorenzo looked to be in a good position. After all it has only taken defense attorneys Gerald Shargel and Gerald Lefcourt two days to totally discredit both of the prosecution's star witnesses.

After fumbling through his testimony during the morning of day two, Nichols continued to discredit himself when the trial resumed. On the stand, Nichols testified that he owned a key to Chris Lorenzo's private safe after only one month of an internship and no prior relationship with either one of the Lorenzo brothers.

Nichols also claimed that he was promised ten percent of all checks made out to Chris Lorenzo and Murder Inc after being an intern at the label for less then two months. Although, no one in the courtroom seemed to believe this statement, it did provide some comical relief in the courtroom.

While Nichols' testimony served as another setback for the prosecution, they did score a major victory when Judge Edward Korman said he would allow them to question witnesses about Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's involvement in the shooting of 50 Cent. Initially, Judge Korman said that the prosecution would not be allowed to mention the 2000 incident. Korman said he would allow the questioning because it shows a motive for the Lorenzos' alleged money laundering.

With the jury removed, prosecutors introduced several numerous text messages sent from McGriff to Irv in regards to the shooting of 50 Cent. The prosecution stressed that the evidence would be able to prove that the shooting of 50 Cent was a return favor from McGriff to the Murder Inc family for laundering his money.

The defense immediately objected, and a series of delays and sidebar conversations, lasting well over two hours, caused slight confusion in the courtroom.

After hours of deliberation, Judge Korman finally agreed that the prosecution's claims had merit and will be allowed in court.

This revelation also brings a strong possibility that in the weeks to come 50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson) maybe subpoenaed to take the stand.

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