Cam'ron Explains Why He Calls 50 "Cuurtis," "The Real 50 Cent Never Snitched"

ImageIn a recent interview conducted while he shot his 50 Cent diss video "Cuurtis," Cam'ron revealed why he refers to the G-Unit honcho by his government name among other things.

"His name is Curtis. His legal name is Curtis Jackson," explained Killa Cam. "The real 50 Cent never snitched on anybody, never was happy when his accomplice got life in prison, he was a thorough dude and died thorough. That's why I call him 'Cuurtis.'

Cam'ron also mocked 50 for asking fans for help on an anti-Cam myspace page he alleges the G-Unit boss set up.

"He has a MySpace page tryin' to get people to write their best Cam'ron disses. Why do you need public assistance?" questioned Cam. "You know what, help him out all you want, y'all heard him, 'he ain't chubby like Ricky Ross.' What are you talking about?" (Watch the interview here )

As previously reported, the bad blood between both artists began when they got into an argument on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show two weeks ago.

50 would throw the first blow releasing the "Funeral Music" video on Friday (February 9). The clip featured a hearse with the words "Cam'ron's Career" written on it and mocked the rapper's shooting in Washington D.C. last year.

Cam responded the following day with his song "Cuurtis," which took shots at 50's appearance and stressed that the G-Unit boss is a snitch, while the video hit the internet yesterday (February 15). The clip featured Cam'ron emerging from a coffin at his funeral and hitting the streets to air out 50 Cent. In different scenes of the video, various people on the streets including a police officer, echo the song's chorus, "Cuurtis."

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