Cam'ron's 50 Cent Diss Video Removed From The Net, Anti-Cam Site Emerges

ImageThe behind the scenes footage from Cam'ron's "Cuurtis" video shoot was removed from YouTube today at the request of Warner Music Group, while elsewhere on the net a new anti-Cam website has popped up.

As previously reported, footage from the video shoot of Killa Cam's 50 Cent response record "Cuurtis" appeared on the net yesterday (February 13). The original footage was removed due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group, however it was re-posted elsewhere on YouTube later today.

The clip, which was shot on 2nd Avenue in Harlem, shows Cam'ron rapping in front of a building, accompanied by a large crowd echoing the chorus to Cam's 50 Cent diss "Cuurtis." The song was recorded by Cam in response to 50's Cam'ron diss "Funeral Music."

The feud between the two was ignited several weeks ago during a HOT 97 interview that Angie Martinez conducted with 50 Cent, when Cam'ron called up the station to take issue with comments 50 made about Koch records.

In related news, an internet site has sprung up, taking aim at the Diplomat honcho. The site is dedicated: "In Loving Memory of the Career of Cameron "Cam'ron" Giles 2-4-76 - 2-9-07," and offers a sketch of Giles aiming a gun at his head with 50 Cent's name inscribed on the barrel. The site is linked to and includes an embedded version of 50's "Funeral Music" video as well as a cartoon ridiculing the incident at Howard Homecoming last fall when Cam was shot in his Lamborghini.

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