Louis Vuitton Mom Releases Memoir, "Raising Kanye"

ImageDr. Donda West, mother and manager of hip-hop superstar Kanye West is set to release a book this spring entitled Raising Kanye.

A source close to Kanye has revealed to that Dr. West is finishing up a book to be released in the coming months. According to AOL Black Voices, the book will be co-written by best selling author Karen Hunter and is scheduled to hit shelves on May 15 on Simon and Shuster's Pocket Books imprint.

The book will tell Dr. West's story as a single mother and detail her struggles raising her would-be famous child in the African American community. A spokesperson for Simon and Shuster reportedly revealed that the book will also feature never before seen photos and anecdotes of both Kanye and Dr. West.

The former chairman of the English department at Chicago State University, Dr. West, who also worked as a teacher and attended night school to earn her doctorate, later resigned from her position to take on the responsibilities as Kanye's manager. The book will reportedly also outline her experiences as the Louis Vuitton Don's manager during his rise to fame.

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