Rapper Rick Ross Discusses His Controversial Image In New GQ

Miami rap star Rick Ross has landed a high-profile interview in the upcoming October issue of GQ Magazine.

Rick Ross spent a full day and evening with GQ's Devin Friedman, who shadowed the rapper and conducted the interview for GQ, which is titled “Rick Ross's Simple Lessons for Bosses, Dons and B**ches.”

According to the article, Rick Ross is currently indulged in a lavish, extravagant lifestyle, thanks to his successful career as a rapper.

“I just have my homeys or whatever bringing me the best food," Rick Ross explained. "I smoke the best weed. I get the best massages. I keep myself in s**t like this,” referring to his clothing.

In the interview with GQ, Rick Ross boasts of his street credibility, despite the criticism that stems from him using the name of “Freeway” Rick Ross, the former drug kingpin from Los Angeles, who attempted to sue the rapper for using his name in commercial trade.

"Freeway" Rick Ross lost the lawsuit on a technicality, due to his criminal past, but has vowed to continue fighting the rapper in court, as long as he uses his name.

The rapper, who also goes by the name of "Ricky Rozay," responded to his critics by stating that his street credibility outweighed his past as a correctional officer.

“…When you listen to my music, you hear me boasting of the most lavish s**t," Rick Ross told GQ. "But I saw the underworld of Miami Vice. A dude we grew up with was on America’s Most Wanted. An $80 million drug ring came from my neighborhood. The reason street motherf**kers cool with me is if you don’t come from that life, you can’t get away with portraying that life.”