Cam'ron Fires Back At 50 Cent, "He Looks Like A Gorilla With Rabbit Teeth"

ImageFollowing 50 Cent's recently released a diss video "Funeral Music" aimed at Dipset Don Cam'ron, Cam has returned fire at the G-Unit boss in a song entitled "Cuurrttiissss."

"Funeral Music" opens with a hearse rolling by with the words "Cam'ron's Career" on it and later mimics both Jim Jones' "We Fly High" as well as mocking the incident in which Cam's blue Lamborghini was shot up during Howard University's homecoming weekend on Washington,D.C.

In the song [listen here] Cam takes several shots at 50 including his appearance, rhyming, "He looks like a gorilla, with rabbit teeth." Cam also shouts out who he feels is a "real" dude from Queens, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff with lines like "he ran from police/you run with police/you ain't from South Side/ 'bout to get your mouth wide."

The song's chorus includes the Dipset leader echoing "Cuurtiiis" throughout and addresses fellow Dipset members' Juelz Santana and Jim Jones' album sales, while also clarifying their respected roles in the crew, "Jimmy ain't the president, he's the CEO...Juelz the underboss...I sign off like Dr. Dre" 

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