Rick Ross Threatenes Kreayshawn, Calls Her A 'Dirty B**ch'

Rapper Rick Ross has finally broken his silence over comments rapper Kreyashawn is made in freestyles.

Over the summer, the female rapper, who hails from Oakland, made several negative statements about Rick Ross in interviews and rhymes.

In an upcoming issue of XXL Magazine, Rick Ross addresses Kreayshawn, best known for the single "Gucci Gucci."

“I cant wait to slap the s**tout of whoever carries her bags,” Rick Ross told XXL Magazine. “And I hope it’s her n***a. Dirty b***h. You better know the f**k you talking about. I’ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

While Rick Ross could simply be posturing, the threat should not be taken lightly.

In 2008, Rick Ross and his entourage were involved in an altercation with popular personality DJ Vlad of DJVlad.com. during the Ozone Awards.

DJ Vlad was assaulted by several members of Rick Ross' entourage over the rapper's credibility, shortly after it was revealed that he worked as a correctional officer before rapping.

Rick Ross eventually settled the lawsuit for over $300,000.