Mobb Deep Goes Indie For 9th Album

Mobb Deep has opted to take the independent route for the release of their 9th studio album, which will be released on their own label, Infamous Records.

Infamous Records inked a deal with RED Distribution today (September 2nd) to distribute their upcoming self-titled album.

"After almost twenty years in this industry, it was inevitable for us to take matters into our own hands," Prodigy said. "We feel that RED is the perfect home for our brand…We're ready to work and build our own structure."

In addition to their own music, Infamous Records will release solo projects from Prodigy and Havoc, as well as material from new and upcoming artists.

"We know who our fans are and what they want from Mobb Deep," added Havoc. "We're excited to take a new step in our career."

A release date for Mobb Deep's upcoming album was not available as of press time.