"Lil' Wayne Has Been Misrepresenting New Orleans," Says B.G.

 Since leaving Cash Money Records, New Orleans rapper B.G. has enjoyed success on his independent label Chopper City Records. Now he hopes to introduce his crew, the Chopper City Boyz, to the same level of notoriety.

Chopper City Boyz' VL Mike, Gar, Sniper and Hakim (B.G.'s younger brother, who has appeared on recordings with Lil' Wayne, Turk and Mac 10 previously) are set to release their debut album We Got This on February 27. While B.G. is featured heavily on the album, the Chopper City CEO expressed confidence in the group's ability to maintain their own presence.

"I'm featured throughout the album, but pretty much it's the Chopper City Boyz holding their own weight. We introducing the world to their sound, and what they doin' and how we coming for '07 out of the N.O. We feel like our city been misrepresented -- on the mainstream side of things. Niggas been overexposed, so we're just here to represent New Orleans the way it's supposed to be represented," B.G. said.

While B.G. was initially reluctant to call out specific New Orleans rappers, he eventually revealed that he's still not feeling Weezy.

"It is what it is. I gotta call an ace an ace and a spade a spade. Lil' Wayne has been misrepresenting New Orleans. The real New Orleans is the Chopper City Boyz and the ChopperCity movement we got going. With We Got This we about to take the South, the North, the West, the whole hip-hop nation on the ride."

Touching on his experience with Cash Money Records and the Hot Boys, B.G. also revealed that he is making certain the Chopper City Boyz avoid the industry mishaps he experienced.

"I been a Hot Boy pretty much all my life. I pretty much started the Hot Boys group. Baby flipped the last page of my contract on me. I would never do them that," B.G. said. "I didn't know nothing about publishing, I didn't know nothing about show money, I didn't know nothing about nothing. All I knew was go in the studio get in the booth and rap, I was pretty much blindfolded for what comes after that. I was just following my heart and doing what I do. So I'm taking what I learned from them over to them [Chopper City Boyz] as far as education, the snakes in the industry and the bullshit that comes with what you love."

The Chopper City Boyz have already released a video for their David Banner produced single "Make 'Em Mad," which is currently in rotation on BET and MTV Jamz. The group is also scheduled to go on a promotional tour along with B.G., who is gearing up for the release of his solo album on Atlantic Records.

"My new album is already ready. It's set to release in May, it's off the chain. I got Tip on the album, Jeezy on the album, Chopper City Boyz on the album, R. Kelly gonna be on the album, I'm putting Snoop on the album. This record for me is like a brand new B.G. It's like I'm being born again, like I'm coming back to the future," B.G. revealed.

We Got This is due out February 27 via Koch/Chopper City Records.

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