G-Unit Rookie Mazaradi Fox Talks Cam'ron, "It's All Just Competition, Not Beef"

 In an exclusive interview, G-Unit affiliate Mazaradi Fox discusses his recent stint in prison, his new album and his opinion on Cam'ron and The Game.

After catching a case that landed Mazaradi Fox in prison for eight years from '97 to 2005, the South Jamaica, Queens native vowed to make good upon his release. Writing rhymes while incarcerated, joining 50 Cent's crew once he was freed was a no brainer for Fox.

"Me and Fif grew up together as kids. [Tony] Yayo is my pop's man, they hung together," says Fox of his ties to the Unit. " One day, my man said 'Fif been asking about you.' He said that he'd be back for me in five days and, five days later, I was G-Unit."

Since joining the unit, Mazaradi says his work ethic has been crazy, which he credits equally to his time in prison and his friend and mentor, Fif. The MC says that his debut album, which features appearances from Prodigy, 50 Cent, M.O.P., Young Buck and Tony Yayo, is already done but that has not slowed his hunger to continue on his grind.

"I stayed around 50 for like, four months straight, just watching him record. We didn't sleep, we just recorded from like 12 noon until like 5 in the morning," he explains of the making of his as-yet untitled debut. "I was watching 50 when I was locked up. [When you're in jail] it hurts to see people you came up with on TV. I have to take full advantage of this opportunity. I can remember doing diamond push ups in my cell until 6 in the morning. To this day, I ride in my whip and tears come to my eyes. I still can't believe this shit sometimes."

The rapper also understands that being down with the ever controversial G-Unit crew means possibly inheriting beef, something that he does not shy away from, taking the opportunity to address both Cam'ron and the Game.

"The Cam'ron situation just gave us more motivation," he says. "It's all just competition to me. It's not beef." He had somewhat other sentiments regarding The Game. " In jail, it's beef with every nigga until you out the door. I don't know him [Game] and I don't want to know him. If it's beef with 50, it's beef with me too. 50, that's the boss."

Fox, who will be releasing a handful of mixtapes in the coming weeks including "Dumb Out Season" with Cutmaster C and "Mazaradi Fox, Fresh Out The Body Shop," is also planning an international mixtape tour with DJ Whoo Kid, which is aiming to make stops in both Hong Kong and Belgium. But amidst all of his impending success, Fox is also hoping that his example will inspire others.

"I want people to know that if I can do it, anybody can do it. I got something for the streets. They ain't gonna believe it."

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