Supreme Trial Update: Victim's Son Brings Jurors To Tears, "If He Was Here My Life Would Be Better"

 The son of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's slain rival testified in the opening day of the druglord's death penalty case in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday (February 7).

As previously reported, McGriff was found guilty last week of ordering the murders of Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Troy Singleton.

According to The New York Post, fourteen-year-old Troy Singleton Jr., brought jurors and spectators to tears when he revealed how much he missed his father.

"Some days I always think that if he was here my life would be much better," he testified. "When he's not here, all I can do is cry. At school I think of him all the time. One time I waited for him to see if he was going to come pick me up. He never did."

"My birthday was Feb. 1. All I could think of was him not being here," he continued. "I miss him so dearly."

During Singleton Jr's testimony, McGriff, 46, kept his eyes down.

Smith's mother, Karen Cameron, also took the stand. She broke down as she told jurors how she visited the scene where her son was shot to death.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Jones told the court that McGriff celebrated his victims' deaths by telling friends "it was like the Fourth of July" and "you missed the party" via a text message.

The on-going trial will decide whether McGriff should face life in prison or death by lethal injection.

McGriff's lawyer, Jean Barrett, told jurors they should "stop the cycle of grief" by sending McGriff to life in a federal prison.

"There is enough grief going around this courtroom," she said.

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