Nas Explains 'Illmatic' In New Video Series With Reebok, Rock the Bells

Traveling Hip-Hop Festival Rock the Bells has teamed with Reebok to develop 14 short films titled “Classic Albums by Classic Artists.”

In each of the series, an artist associated with the Rock the Bells tour will go deep into the inspiration behind the albums that they are performing on the tour.

The first installment of the series is kicked off with Nas, who goes into detail about the inspiration behind his album Illmatic.

"DJ Premier was a big part of that [creating Illmatic]," Nas revealed. "Premier brought to the table someone who i felt was like myself. Premier was more like my guys. we related like that. Premier spoke my language all day, 24-7. We sat down and he played records, he opened up his crates to me…He was open…just real chill."  

The second installment of the series features Cypress Hill, and each week additional films will be released on Tuesday and Friday, from one of the headliners.

Fans can expect to see short films by artists like Mobb Deep, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Common, Raekwon and others.

Meanwhile, Ghosface, Raekwon and Mobb Deep recently embarked on the 18-date Rock the Bells mini-tour, which consists of 18 dates throughout the country, at various House of Blues locations.

Check out the clip of Nas explaining the inspiration behind Illmatic below: