Eminem's Movie Comeback Derailed; Dreamworks Drops 'Southpaw'

Eminem's return to the big screen has been derailed, as DreamWorks is no longer backing "Southpaw," which features the rapper in a starring role.

Eminem was slated to start in the flick, which is being directed by Antoine Fuqua.

According to Deadline.com, DreamWorks has given the project back to the filmmakers, who are seeking another backer, and theatrical distribution for the project.

"Southpaw" was supposed to star Eminem as a welterweight boxer, who fights through personal tragedy, to reclaim his past glory.

According to Deadline.com, the movie was inspired by Eminem's own struggles.

"Southpaw" was slated to be Eminem's first major role in the movie since 2002 hit movie, "8 Mile."