Big Boi Released From Prison; Lawyer Issues Statement

Grammy Award-winning rapper Big Boi was released from the Miami—Dade County jail today (August 8th).

The rapper was taken into custody on drug possession charges by U.S. Customs and Border agents, after they allegedly found Viagra and the drug known as MDMA in his luggage after a cruise.

A lawyer for Big Boi released a statement stating that the rapper would be "exonerated" of the charges.

According to his attorney, the drugs were found in the “collective luggage” of the group of people he was traveling with.

"While Big Boi was traveling with his group and friends, a small amount of contraband was found in the collective luggage," the lawyer said in a statement. "I am confident when the entire facts are aired Big Boi will be completely exonerated."

Most of the time, Viagra is taken with MDMA to enhance sexual pleasure. In 2003, producer Irv Gotti was caught with the illegal combination.

Gotti was forced to enter a drug diversion program in Oakland California.

Big Boi himself seemed to find a bit of humor in the arrest. He took to his Twitter page earlier today where he addressed the arrest.

"Fresh Out Baby! Sh*t they said it was the Love Boat."