"We Don't Want Anything To Do With Him," Busta Bodyguard Sis Says, 1 Year Later

ImageThe sister of Busta Rhymes' slain bodyguard claims the Brooklyn bred rapper lied to them when he said he'd co-operate with the police to find her brother's killer.

Israel Ramirez was shot and killed in February of last year at a Brooklyn production studio during the filming of a Busta Rhymes video. The New York Police Department believe Busta witnessed Ramirez's murder, but he has refused to talk to the police or assist with the investigation.

According to Ramirez's sister Sonia, who recently spoke to New York's Daily News, Busta (born Trevor Smith) told her that he would co-operate with the authorities which he did not.

"We really don't want anything to do with that man," Rodriguez said. "He could stop breathing tomorrow, and I wouldn't care. Whatever happens to Busta Rhymes is not going to bring back my brother."

Stephanie Hires, the mother of Ramirez's 6-year-old son, Stiles, also revealed her frustration with Busta's silence.

"If you cared so much and you loved him so much as a friend and not just as a bodyguard, what would be the problem with clearing your heart and your conscience?" she lamented.

Hires also divulged that Busta has not provided any financial assistance for Stiles. The rapper is however, supporting Ramirez's widow, Amelin Fernandez, who's raising their 3-year-old son, Aaron.

Alexa Medina, the mother of Ramirez's first child, Israel, 11, refused to comment when she was contacted.

"He's not talking," an NYPD source told the Daily News. " He doesn't want to lose money by getting the reputation for talking to cops, so a killer remains free."

Authorities believe Ramirez's death occurred due to a dispute between G-Unit's Tony Yayo and producer Swizz Beatz at the video shoot which lead to a shootout . Yayo, Swizz Beatz and other artists who were at the studio including 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliot, have yet to be interrogated.

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