Kim Mathers Describes Split With Eminem

 Kim Mathers, former wife of rap superstar Eminem appeared on ABC's 20/20 during a special segment titled "Sweet Revenge" and spoke about her tumultuous relationship and two divorces from the rapper.

The special, which aired Friday (Feb. 2), was the first time Kim spoke on record about her relationship with Eminem and their recent second divorce, which occurred shortly after the pair remarried in Jan. 2006.

During the segment, which focused on scorned lovers and revenge, Kim alleged that Eminem had been unfaithful to her numerous times.

She also admitted to being unfaithful in the past and revealed that she attempted to commit suicide in 2000, because of the lyrics to the song "Kim," in which Eminem writes about murdering her in response to her cheating.

"This is supposed to be a man that loves me, and is supposed to protect me, from being hurt, and here he is disrespecting me in the worst way possible in front of millions of people, and in front of our kids, my family, my friends," Kim said.

She said the last straw came during a concert in Detroit that she attended. Kim said that the rapper promised not to perform the song but changed his mind at the last minute, while she was in the audience.

"He decided to do that song, and not only perform the song, but use blow-up dolls to reenact me being choked," Kim said. "Just disrespectful things to the blowup doll and then [throwing] the doll into the crowd...I made it home...I went upstairs in my bathroom and I slit my wrists and ended up in the hospital."

Kim said that despite her rocky relationship with Eminem and the pressures associated with his celebrity status, the couple decided to rekindle their relationship.

"I came home from being incarcerated in rehab and he asked me to stay a few nights at the house, so I could be with the kids," Kim told 20/20. "A few nights turned into a few weeks, to a year. I was home a year and a half, almost 2 years before we got married."

Kim labeled Eminem as an "excellent" father who is involved in all aspects of his daughter's life, but she said that her relationship with Eminem was fleeting.

"In our relationship there's a pattern," Kim said. "We'll have two good years and then it will go bad for some reason. It's like a two year max with us... and I just didn't want to rush into anything before the two years."

Kim said that Eminem picked the wedding date, but when she hesitated because she felt "rushed," Kim told 20/20 that the rapper gave her an ultimatum.

"I said 'let's wait awhile' and he basically said 'you either know now and we can set the date, or you can take your stuff and go because if you don't know right now that you still want to be with me, then you're never going to know.'"

Kim said that despite their previous divorce, she reluctantly agreed to remarry Eminem in Jan. 2006.

She said that she was "excited" and "happy," but the actual wedding was "rushed" and that she "didn't want to get married."

Kim described the wedding, which took place in an 88-year-old mansion in Michigan, as "gorgeous."

But shortly after the fairy tale ceremony, things went awry and Eminem left the house in Feb. of 2006 and filed for divorce in Apr. 2006.

Kim revealed that she had a disagreement with Eminem's brother shortly before the newlywed couple separated.

"There was a disagreement between me and his brother," Kim told 20/20. "Inappropriate behavior, that his brother had, yes and that's what it was. And the next morning there was a note in the bathroom [from Eminem] that said 'I'm going to the other house, I need to clear my head.' I am still confused about the whole thing. He didn't even come around for a month after that. He didn't come see the kids, he wasn't calling me, he didn't return phone calls, I didn't know what the heck was going on. Then his attorney's assistant comes to the door and serves me papers. Forty days after our marriage, he walks out because of an argument with his brother. We've made it through me being incarcerated, rehabs, different boy friends and girlfriends. There has to be something going on. I just don know what it is."

Kim said that her relationship with Eminem is finally over.

She is raising two daughters, a niece and a nephew and working towards a career in interior design.

Eminem refused to comment on the segment.

"For the sake of our children that we raise together, I have made a decision to not participate in matters such as this," Eminem said in a statement.

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