Soulja Boy Owes IRS Tens of Thousands in Back Taxes

Rapper Soulja Boy owes the Internal Revenue Service tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes.

According to documents obtained by, the 21-year-old rapper owes almost $30,000 in back taxes.

Soulja Boy owes the state of California $26,805, while the state of Mississippi was seeking $3,571 in back taxes, but the full amount was paid last week.

Additionally, Soulja Boy's $280,000 home in McDonough Georgia, was foreclosed upon last year.

The news of Soulja Bboy's tax problems comes just days after representatives for the rapper told that he bought a $55,000,000 jet.

After numerous publications re-ran the reports, a spokesman for Soulja Boy came forward to reveal that the news was fake.

Representatives for the rapper said that he was simply borrowing the jet from a billionaire.