50 Cent Warns Cam'ron, "He Thinks He's Actually Able To Compete With Me"

Image50 Cent exchanged words with both Styles P and Cam'ron yesterday (February 1) while appearing as a guest on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show.

During the show, Angie and 50 Cent briefly discussed D-Block and 50's involvement with the continual delay of Styles P's sophomore album, Time Is Money, prompting the Yonkers-born MC to phone into the show. After Martinez advised 50 to keep it peaceful, the two MC's engaged in their first ever conversation with 50 offering to broker a new record deal for Styles, who recently parted ways with his former recording home Interscope Records.

"You know who would be the best person to broker a deal for you right now? 50 Cent," the G-Unit boss offered. Styles later responded by saying "I would do business with him, but I wouldn't let him broker my deal. I'm a man. We could do some other business or something, I'm a man like he is, he can't do nothing that effect me."

Styles also went on to criticize 50 for laughing at Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's recent conviction and accused 50 of going Hollywood.

"I think you forgot where you're from." 50 responded by saying, "If you say that I'm a different person, anybody who says money don't change them, they just didn't make enough." Fif also denied ever wanting Styles to be released from Interscope or wanting him to be placed in a bad financial situation [Listen Here].

After commenting during his conversation with Styles that he could "stop a record from coming out at Koch [Records]", Koch's general manager called in alongside Cam'ron. After 50 beckoned the GM to put Cam on the line, the Dipset Don took the opportunity to voice his opinion on the matter.

While in the past 50 referred to Koch as being a "graveyard" for washed up artists, Cam responded by asking why 50 allowed Prodigy to do a deal with the label if this is how he felt. He also used Lloyd Banks' and Mobb Deep's album sales as ammunition against 50's claim that artists only go to Koch when major labels will no longer invest in them.

"How much Lloyd Banks sold," Cam asked. "Lloyd Banks is at 300,000[units] , Jim Jones is at 300,000 [units], Jim Jones is on an independent, Lloyd Banks is on your label."

"But Lloyd Banks has more money than Jim Jones, if you want to talk on that level," Fif responded. "See, you're getting ready to turn this into something else."

Cam continued to taunt 50 repeating, "Yo Curtis, how much did Mobb Deep sell?" Clearly becoming agitated 50 said, "You're getting ready to cause a whole different situation. Watch it [Listen Here]."

Cam was eventually cleared from the line, with 50 later saying, "I think he thinks that he's actually able to compete with me."

Later on, after 50 had left the show, Jim Jones phoned into Hot 97 seemingly to keep the peace.

"Ain't nothing going down, its just aggressive competition. It got a little blown out of proportion [but] we don't want nobody to take it beyond that [Listen Here]."

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