Ghost "Goes All In," Tests "Pokerface" On The Net

 Ghostface Killah's online poker site is scheduled to go live this week.

Hip-Hop hold'em has been a growing trend in the rap community, with rappers like Ja Rule, The Game and Snoop Dogg dealing in on one of the most popular forms of gambling. By next week Ghostface fans will be able to go online to and play alongside the GFK poker team or other featured hip-hop guests. The GFK poker team consists of Ghostface, rapper Shawn Wiggs of Ghost's Theodore Unit, Hot 97 personality Angie Martinez and Ghostface's executive producer and manager, Mike Caruso.

"Ghost has a studio he records at in Staten Island called Redline. There was an old studio in the back room that we gutted out and made a lounge/poker room. All the engineers -- Method Man, Tru Life and dudes that play poker meet and play cards there," Caruso said.

The in-studio poker room proved inspirational for Ghostface and Theodore Unit while working on his most recent album, More Fish.

"From being around it, one of the guys from Theodore Unit made a song called "Pokerface" on the More Fish album- when they did the song Ghost was really starting to get into poker, watching it on TV and everything like that so Ghost sponsored us to play in the Funkmaster Flex/P. Diddy tournament. Both Shawn Wiggs and I made it to the final table and Wiggs ended up winning the tournament," Caruso said. is scheduled to go live on February 8. Ghostface Killah's most recent album More Fish is in stores now.

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