Project Pat Drops New Album; Finds Success With Real Estate

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Project Pat is gearing up to release his eighth studio album Loud Pack, while focusing on new ways to generate revenue outside of the music business.

The veteran rapper will drop his new album Loud Pack today (July 19), on Three 6 Mafia's label, Hypnotize Minds.

Loud Pack features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Brisco and Three 6 Mafia, while the majority of the production is handled by DJ Paul.

"The thing about Hypnotize Minds is that they know the style you’re going to come with," Project Pat said in a statement. "Working with them over the years, we just know how we’re going to do it. They already know the beats. Say DJ Paul makes 10 beats, I may mess around and use all 10 of them. He already knew what I was looking for."

The first single from the album is titled “Flashin',” which warns listeners about the dangers of being flashy in such a tough economy.

“It’s like an awareness song to let you know that you shouldn’t be so flashy out here," Project Pat said. It’s ok to be flashy at a party or something, but no need to on a regular day, in a poverty stricken neighborhood. That’s not good.”

According to Pat, he has taken the earnings from his previous seven albums over the years and has become an active investor in the real estate market.

“Music has been really good, but the real estate has been really good too though,” Project Pat said. “Houses have been really cheap to buy. So they kind of go together - I’ve been getting good shows, and I’ve been getting good money to buy real estate. I’ve been really blessed; I’m super good.”

Loud Pack is currently in stores now. For more information log on: