The Game Pleads Not Guilty In Police Impersonation Case

ImageL.A. rapper The Game entered a not guilty plea to charges of impersonating a police officer in a New York court yesterday (January 31).

The Game (born Jayceon Taylor) was arrested on November 16 on charges that he pretended to be a police officer after hailing a cab and flashing a fake badge to his driver. New York City prosecutors claim the rapper told the driver he was an undercover officer and encouraged him to run several red stoplights on Lexington Avenue before being pulled over.

According to Game's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, who spoke to the New York Post, the charges are false and his client, who is constantly followed by hip hop police, is the real victim.

"The police are harassing him," Lichtman said. " They don't even have a witness - no supporting deposition. It will be a slam-dunk acquittal or dismissal, it's up to the D.A."

"They offered us time served today and I didn't even lift my head to respond. It's an embarrassment for them," he continued. " The cops follow him from the moment he lands to the moment he leaves. A limo driver freaked out, that's it. They are harassing him, but there will be some harassment going the other way at the trial."

A representative for the New York Police Department responded to Litchman's claims saying, "If he feels he's being harassed, he should file a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board."

The Game, who admitted earlier this year that he was aware he was being followed, released a statement in November declaring his innocence and citing the incident as "a ploy by the hip-hop police to humiliate" him.

In related news, the video for Game's third single, "Wouldn't Get Far," - which already made its way to the net [Watch] - will premiere on BET's "Access Granted" today (January 31) at 8:00 p.m. The clip was directed by Bryan Barber and features cameos from Kanye West and Lil' Jon.

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