Obie Trice's Mother Succumbs to Breast Cancer

Detroit rapper Obie Trice is grieving after losing his mother to breast cancer yesterday (July 12th).

Obie Trice's mother Ms. Elanore died yesterday, after being diagnosed with the incurable disease.

The rapper frequently mentioned his mother in his lyrics, and in 2003 his debut album Cheers featured the song "Don't Come Down” which showcased his affection for his mother.

"My mom was always in my corner and her presence will be missed tremendously," Obie Trice said. “I'm more determined than ever to ensure I not only impact the music industry but also my community, just as she expected."

The rapper will continue his involvement in Detroit's Walk For the Cure, an annual event that raises funds and attention to support the research for a cure for the disease.

Obie Trice is preparing to release his new album Bottoms Up.