Supreme Trial Update: Two Jurors Kicked Off, Judge Mocks Prosecution

 Two jurors from Queens, NY were pulled from former drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's double murder case.

One juror, a Queens lady, requested to be taken off the case after recognizing someone from McGriff's camp. She reportedly told Judge Frederic Block she was concerned cause McGriff's associate knew where she lived. Meanwhile, the second juror admitted that he read the papers and was aware of the media coverage surrounding the case.

"You've got to really, really, really not read the newspapers," Block told the jurors. Two alternate jurors joined the case today (January 29). McGriff is charged with ordering the murders of two of his rivals, Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Troy Singleton. His escapades as a drug kingpin were featured in Queens Reigns Supreme, which graphically detailed the drug-laden streets of Queens, New York in the 80s.

If convicted, McGriff will be sentenced to prison without parole or be executed by lethal injection. Judge Block recently mocked the prosecution for seeking the death penalty, even calling the government's attempt, "absurd." The death penalty was eventually thrown out.

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