Game's Producer Robbed Of $12G's Worth Of Jewels During Video Shoot

A video shoot featuring Chris Brown and Compton rapper Game turned violent on Tuesday (June 28th) in Los Angeles, California.

TMZ reports that a producer/Game associate named Mars was robbed at gunpoint for $12,000 in jewelry and cash.

Mars, who is co-executive producing Game's upcoming release R.E.D. Album, was in a car with another associate about a block away from the video shoot.

Two black males walked up to Mars and an associate, pulled out handguns and robbed the pair.

Both Chris Brown and Game were on set during the robbery shooting the video for "Pot o' Gold," but neither of the men were involved in the robbery.

Despite the violent incident, Mars remained positive and upbeat after he was robbed.

"Thanks to every1 that was concerned about so glad im alive!" Mars tweeted. "I appreciate your prayer & support. Couldve died today but God spared my life! Praying til I pass out! Goodnight and God bless you!"

“Pot o' Gold” featuring Chris Brown is reportedly the next single off of Game's R.E.D. Album.

A rep for Game said no one witnessed the incident.